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          Brown’s Roofing, Inc. has been owned, operated, and driven within the family since its birth in 1970. Dale, acting president, started this adventure with a truck, hot kettle, a strong work ethic and some determination.  Dale and his wife Norma began serving Indianapolis together. Dale and Norma established a solid foundation for their company to stand on. Development of the company had its definite ups and down, which are inevitable with over 40 years of existence.  After all the long days and nights emerged a steady and stable company. After years of hard work and dedication Dale and Norma are able to watch their company maintain and develop through their following generations.


Randy Brown

               Randy has acquired 30+ years of experience in the industry over his lifetime. Randy has a first hand experience installing a wide variety of roofing systems. When your career starts at 18 years old you’ve worked on every aspect of the job. From entry-level work to foreman to acting VP and head of operations Randy has worked from bottom to top in his tenure. Randy still devotes a portion of his time visiting each job to ensure it’s running smoothly first hand. Randy’s wife Rhonda helps Randy and the company with office operations. You can contact Randy directly by phone or request on our Contact Request Page.

Kelli Hoyt

               Kelli is our office manager, proceeding her mother Norma upon her retirement. Working with Norma and the company for several years before taking on this full time role enabled Kelli to become familiar with the industry and how it works. You can contact Kelli directly by calling our office, e-mail, or request via our Contact Request Page.


Justin Brown

               Justin is the first of Randy’s sons to work for the company. Justin has been with Brown’s Roofing, Inc. for over ten years.  Spending several years learning from Randy and Dale before taking over the lead in field management. Justin oversees all projects in the field to ensure quality control and he oversees all sheet metal fabrication and installation. For any questions or specifics about installation of your commercial roofing system you can contact Justin by calling our office, e-mail, or request via our Contact Request Page.


Devin Brown

               Devin is the second of Randy’s sons to work at Brown’s Roofing, Inc.  Devin joined the company in 2010 full time after graduating from Marian University. Before that he was working summers in the field helping with installation. Devin is now helping with Estimating, Project Management, Company Development , and assisting in Field Supervision to ensure quality control in roofing installation and sheet metal fabrication and installation. For any questions about project details, requests for estimates, or questions about our company contact Devin by calling our office, e-mail, or request via our Contact Request Page.


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